American Home Shield is a Pure Scam. Do not spend money on American Home Shield Guarantee Policy.

American Home Shield is a whole con. They’ll do EVERYTHING in their capacity to refuse your legitimate state. Stay as a long way away from their website when you possibly can.

What happened? Well, my air conditioning equipment actually INCREASED and that I had to call for emergency repairs because of my wife’s well-documented, long-term medical problem (to make things worse, in addition, it been warm outside! I understand, IDEAL right?!). Following the preliminary exlosion, there clearly was freon ventilation all over the place and we found the device was charred to a crisp internally. When it finally gave out evidently, the electical feed entering the condenser failed causing all the harm. This all happend around 7:30 during the night. There is almost no time to waste, I had no option but to call for repairs there and right then.

When repairs were accomplished, I named American Home shield to record a state and so they flat-out denied it! They claimed I will have named to get prior authorization for something which was going to have completed irrespective of their acceptance. Our insurance plainly claims the AC is area of the insurance. It was only too convenieint for the that I had a real crisis along with a genuine reason to not have the extended paperwork they’ve inplace create the procedure diffifult and more prolonged that it takes to become. (see this movie of someone waiting 15 days to get AC repair from American Home Shield—- Rob Gillette View This- American Home Shield Doesn’t Record)

Grievances only go on, and on… They’re a wretched, two-faced corporation that will do anything in their capacity to ensure it is as challenging as possible to get the insurance which you previously paid for. American Home Shield could straight to HECK. Don’t pass go, do not collect $200, only go straight to HECK! National Home Shied is only a SCAM.

American Home Shield

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