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Million Hits Secret Review and Best Bonus

Million Hits Secret

Million Hits Secret is a new program by Kaleb Nation & Peng Joon promising to get you millions of visitors with just a click of the mouse, but is this all true or is it just another scam to take your hard earn money.

This detail review will go over positives and negatives of Million Hits Secret and expose to you real test results that have been conducted to see if this new program actually works. I do the hard work so you don’t lose your hard earn money =)

What Exactly Happened?

I received emails earlier this month from my subscribers asking me about Peng Joon’s new program Million Hits Secret. I had purchase his last program: “Work From No Home” and did a detail report on it for all my subscribers. His last program wasn’t the bad but definitely was missing critical pieces of information. To make a long story short, I gave his program a 7 out of 10. I knew he had hired writers to write most of the content for him because there were spelling and grammar errors throughout the text. That didn’t bother me too much because the content was GREAT!

After I had learn that he was releasing a new program with Kaleb Nation I immediately contacted him and requested a review copy so I can do some justice for my loyal subscribers. Here’s what I found.

Positives Of Million Hits Secret

Million Hits Secret is well laid out and covers a lot of topics regarding traffic generation. There are countless videos on every subject with a well thought plan for every user to follow. Some topics and content covered inside Million Hits Secret are new to me (that’s a good sign) =) Fast support times and updated almost every week with fresh content makes it a good product already. Many of these IMers (internet marketers) do not provide good support for their products, it’s sad but true.

Negatives Of Million Hits Secret

Million Hit Secret does cover some basic traffic generation topics for beginners so that might be a turn off for veterans who been in the IM space for a long time (like me). This program is pack with lots of content and videos so it will take time for you watch all the videos and read all the content. Even though you can just cherry pick the area you want to focus on and skip the topics you already know.


I would have to say this new program Million Hits Secret by Kaleb Nation and Peng Joon definitely gets a 8 out of 10 from me. Good, fresh solid information in a well laid out format and content plan. If you do want to invest in Million Hits Secret, here’s some great bonuses to compliment your training, including 1 on 1 training, website reviews, templates and I will personally add your site to my own personal blog network to increase your rankings and traffic.